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Usana Awards & Olympic Gold Medalist

Hey LexXxinators!

This past weekend, we (My Wife & I) attended a USANA function so she could accept

her USANA awards being presented to her. My wife has won the following awards: Golden Director Regional Top Business Growth Award Regional Top Sales Leader Award Fall 2022 Future Leadership Award Spring 2023 Disneyland Upgrade Tour Level Winner.

My wife is on the far left.
My Wife receiving her USANA award.

Congratulations my love!

If you are interested in being the best you can be physically and mentally

and want to become apart of the USANA Family, CLICK HERE:

Ok, Next.

We had the honor of meeting a Canadian Gold Medalist, Alex Kopacz from the Canadian 2 man Bobsled Team. Very cool!

Two cool fellas chillin @ a professional function.
Alex Kopacz & LexXxus

Alex Kopacz -

Alex was a super nice guy and his thought process is very inspirational.

I really enjoy being around like minded people.

I encourage you to go check him out and what he is doing now.

You will be inspired! Thats all folks! MixXx Well!


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