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Happy New Years! ~ Late

So.... I think it was just a few days after the last post of this blog I got sick.

I caught a body cold that lasted for a few weeks and lingered a bit.

During that time I did no work on the studio.

Only chicken soup & toast & Vitamins (USANNA) for the next little while....

It's now exactly 30 days later and I'm just getting back on my feet physically.

Needless to say my studio opening date is delayed now by a month and will

be pushed back to late Jan 2024.

I have had quit a few people requesting studio time and sorry to all for not being ready

in this last time I have reported I would be. Good things come to those who wait.

Not to mention, the wife pulled a surprise heavy with me, lol & purchased all new kitchen

cabinets for me to install.


I do have to say those the new kitchen stuffs look nice!

N E Ways!........

I'm going to shoot for January 31 2024 to be my official opening date.

Wish me luck!

MixXx Well!


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