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LexXxus & WRXington


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Rollerblading, Sky Diving, Paragliding, Racing Street Bikes.


Nothing is too crazy for this native Canadian.


His real passion however lies in house music and making house music.


From the tender age of 13 years this passion for music grew into something far more then LexXxus ever could imagine it would become.

Taking him from Canada to all over Asia, where will it all stop!

Dj LexXxus / Jason Crandall, was born in Welland Ontario, but raised in

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.
LexXxus now resides in London Ontario, Canada.

@ just 14 years old he was introduced to house music by a friend who snuck little LexXxus into the clubs Dj Booths where he experienced the raw power of this music and soon he started practicing on the decks himself!!

After the initial stages of his career LexXxus also teamed up with Dj George @ City Limits & began spinning side by side with him at his local residencies, where he quickly forged a reputation for himself and soon received loads of praise from all sides.

After 9 years of faithfully playing in Canada LexXxus had decided it was time to go International. In 2000 he packed his bags with the attitude of being ready to rock Asia one club at a time.

A Club owner in South Korea admired that such attitude and offered a residency position at the biggest nightclub in the second largest city in south Korea, Busan (Over21’s Nite Club).

Working with 02 Productions & Baggy Productions.

Once again in a new and very different country, LexXxus won over the hearts of his listeners and very quickly created a large following of fans that gathered every single night of the week to listen to his 6+ hour sets.

"I can’t believe how much these people love to party, and their energy level is just amazing!", is something LexXxus could never stop saying.

After Asia had gotten word of his presence in Korea, halfway through his residency he was quickly invited to come play in Japan, Cambodia, and Thailand and in August 2000 to play a 5 hour set at the famous FullMoon Party in Koh Phangan, Hadrin Island But then was asked back there for the 2000 – 2001 Christmas & New Years Party.


After finishing his one year residency at Over 21’s, He moved on to Thailand to play at various nightclubs around Bangkok and monthly at the FullMoon Parties in Koh Phangan.

After that successful year in Thailand under his belt he then ventured into China with an invitation to be the Senior Resident DJ at the new club called HouseTop.


From Day one of opening night LexXxus had kept the nightclub booked to capacity and then some. The Chinese people loved his style of Vocal House, Break-Beats, and Progressive House. In a city of over 3 million he quickly received the loving nickname of House Man from his Chinese fans. After 6 months of nightly playing LexXxus decided to take a long earned vacation. Six months later he started to go self-promoted in China and quickly took China by storm. Since 2004 LexXxus has played in every province and just about every city in China and if that wasn’t enough, in 2006 he did a 6 month tour with Chivas Regal which had him booked SOLID for those six months.

To date LexXxus is known very well to be one of China’s most requested Canadian House Dj’s and has been promoting other international Dj’s through his own private promotional company

" Xtreme House Music Productions "

(No longer in service).

As of 2021 LexXxus has built a new music studio in his home in

London Ontario, Canada.

Rightfully named

"LexXxus Studio"

Make sure you check out this official website for latest tracks released and upcoming events to be launched in your area!

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