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Upgrade That Upgrade!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Hey LexXxinators!

So after going through the entire problem that Motu has in getting their Motu16a manufactured and shipped out (Delayed for 1 year?)

I decided to upgrade my interface ability to:

The main studio monitors have been upgraded to Adam Audio A77H Midfield Monitors.

My Sides, Center, and rears (5) are Adam Audio T7V

My Heights (4) are Adam Audio T5V.

I have also upgraded the main studio computer:

I have also moved my studio into a new location = New Studio.

I just got finished welding up some speaker stands for all my Active Atmos speakers.

I think I pretty much nailed it.

I hope. LOL Everything is super level.

Paying over $14,000 USD in just speaker stands alone seems as little out of my budget right now.

No problem,

Weld them up!

Speaking about cables, Holly Crap! I mean, of course this is NoThInG compared to Mau5trap Studio here in Ontario. Wow, thats got to be craziness to run.

I can just imagine..... (drool.....)

I'll still be running my Pioneer SC-1527K 9.3 Dolby surround with the ability to listen in pure stereo also.

In total there will be 17 speakers that are in the studio.

11 of them being active (Atmos)

Studio Build Status.

I have completed setting up my desks. I now have 3 desks. One desk is situated on the side where the real fireplace is.

Cable management will be taken seriously. This desk is Glass with a metal frame. I have implemented a U style desk configuration. I went with this exact design as to be able to see as much of the fireplace as possible at all times.

I have 3 computers all within a scoots reach and my secondary computer is there to run Dolby Atmos Renderer.

In the rear of the controller room there is also a captains chair for my client to sit in

and relax (RESPAWN Gaming Chair). There is also room for two or three chairs to sit at the other side of the desk for mixing sessions with my clients.

Of course all these choices have been made with refection surfaces in mind and trying to

minimize them as much as possible. For that I have incorporated white 3D panels and the original wooden dispersion panels.

I also for bass trapping I have made custom bass traps

for each corners of the walls.

Window trim is going and full sound proof blockers are getting installed. It will be easy to remove for extra lighting conditions if required.

(My sub box is there just to hold up the brick panel until the frame is built.

This is really the beginning stage of this studio build so it's going to be fun.

I'll also be building some custom wavy vertical diffusors.

That should add some stylish accents to the design.

Oh, Got a small Mic room also with the window installed.(soon)

I'm honestly so exhausted right now that I can't even think of what more I have done at this point.

My brain is starting to shut off. Before that does...

1 thing,

Thats all folks! :-P

MixXx Well!


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