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My Daily Thoughts, but not daily....

So I got to cleaning up the studio a bit and mounting the monitors correctly aligned.

LexXxus Studio

Some video eye candy:

I also now can fully audition the top main speakers separate from the directly front single 6" Woofer monitors and separate from the very wide side monitors with the dual 6" woofers. Each Stereo set's channel receives 175 watts of class "D" power. I run mains at 5.1 with Zone A&B as my other monitors. Also, you can see it's really bright in there and I have only LEDs on. No lights!

Clean clean clean and love it! I love to make music in a place that tickles my eyes and thats clean.

I know it's not much to some, but I like it and I know this room's sound.

(Mastering is a B*Tch! but I love it.)

LexXxus. Dead Red is not my main genre I will produce. I'm going more progressive very soon! Dark & Dirty@128bpm

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