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Happy 420 Eveyone!

Happy 420 Everyone!

Having said that,

If you need a reliable supplier and you are from London Ontario Canada,

then make sure you check out my supplier -

My #1 choice for my needs.

My guy Michael is the one who always takes care of me.

Michael remembers who I am and what I require.

Michael also advises on other products that are bang on what he says they are.

Not to mention he is a super nice guy and so polite on the phone.

Also, Get your delivery within 2 hours!

BAM, Done!!!!

They have everything from Flowers (Indica/Sativa) to Vape pens that are disposable

and QUALITY rechargeable vape pens, to hash and edibles.

I have had such a great experience with Michael, I have to call him out on his excellent business he has done with me.

Thank you brother.

If you are local to London Ontario and are in need of a SOLID THC supplier,

is that JAM!

I have dealt with a number of local suppliers and have narrowed down my choice to one!

I hope this post helps someone.

As always,

MixXx Well!


*You have to be of legal age of 19 Years to purchase from

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