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As They Arrive, I wait......

As the packages arrive, I wait for center channel and the Motu 16a to arrive. I also wait for cables,

& Cables,

& CABLES....

I'm currently installing Dolby Atmos on my,

New Studio PC: Intel i713700K, 64GB DDR5, 24TB of M.2 nvme drive space.


2 X 144hz LG Ultragear 24GN60R-B 24-inch Gaming Monitors

1 X 40" TV/Monitor.

I originally wanted the i9 13900K CPU. The professionals down at the computer shop told me to stay away from the i9 for music production as I will just get thermal throttled down past the i7's abilities.

Currently there is nothing on the market that will cool that chip down properly.

So I just might as well get the Intel i713700K with almost the same performance that will keep me away from thermal throttling and keep my performance.

(love to hear your view on this)

Oh, Also relocating my entire studio to a space that is twice the size as I currently have that

has 9 foot ceilings. Yay!

Thats It for now.

MixXx Well.


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