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My Daily Thoughts, But not daily.

So as I am creating my tracks, I'm finding that I'm always way too loud in the end and clipping like crazy.

Now that I have taken the time to learn how to master, You will see the over all completed tracks sounding more tight and consistent, not to mention punchy.

I'm going to focus on producing progressive house. Like back in the late 80's and 90's.

I have been searching for some new artists with this style only to come up with a few that

I enjoy.

Time to make my own.

This reminds me. I remember when Deadmau5 was first emerging onto the scene in T-Dot.

I didn't really know of him due to my extensive travelling through out the years but I did hear

this one producer start making these very dirty funk sexy tracks. Heard them on BeatPort, I never looked at the track names, just if I like it, I downed it and that was it. Off to the club that night (Every Night) to play the new tracks I found.

People would go ape shit when I slammed his tracks. Fucking loved it. I was like ... YEEEAHHH this is what I'm talking about!! BAM BAM BAM BAM! Power goes off! OOPS! SORRY! I didn't need to get into music production, Deadmau5 was here!

Went to see him at the Guv one night.

Was definitely fun to see how many people were on the stage that night.

Was packed, had a great time!

But now I have the production itch. Gonna scratch it hard baby! Dead Red is just a quick fun example of how I like to play. Look out for some Deep, Dark, Funky, SexXxy Progressive House from me soon.

Until the next one (UTNO)



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