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International Woman's Day.

To The Only Woman In My Life.

There is no other woman in my life that I would rather pay this klind of level of respect to other than my wife on International Mother's Day.

There is no one I hold closer to my heart than you. (& the Kids Of Course!)

You are:

Mother, Goddess, Best Friend, Companion, Soul Mate, The Air I Breath, My Love, My Life.

I know these are not my words, But it's definitely how I feel.

Because You Loved Me.

For all those times you stand by me

For all the truth that you make me see

For all the joy you bring to my life

For all the wrong that you make right

For every dream you make come true

For all the love I find in you

I am forever thankful, baby

You're the one who holds me up

Never let's me fall.....

You're the one who see's me through it all, and for many more years to come.

You give me wings and make me fly

You are the wind beneath my wings

You touch my hand, and I can touch the sky

I lost my faith, you gave it back to me

You said no star is out of reach

You stand by me and I stand tall

If I have your love, I have it all!

I'm grateful for each day you give me

Maybe I don't know that much

But I know this much is true

I was blessed because I am loved by you...

There are no words to ever compare to the love I have for you.

I hope one day I am creative enough to put them on paper for you. Love,

Your Husband.


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